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    When you are travelling to and from work, and the car breaks down, it may be necessary to tow the vehicle home. But towing is something you only want to do if absolutely necessary, because towing can be fraught with problems depending on the situation. But there are two terms that have managed to get mixed together and they are Learn More really entirely different things: roadside assistance and emergency towing.Calling for roadside assistance does not necessarily mean calling for towing services when you choose a professional and qualified mobile car service. You might need your car towed, but that should always be a last alternative and not a first choice. Roadside assistance should provide real help and not just a hook-and-tow solution.Driving Away the ProblemIn other words, roadside assistance should include true service which focuses on repairing your car so you can drive it away. This requires an experienced and trained mechanic and sophisticated mobile diagnostic equipment that can be used to identify the source of the problem. In up to 85% of the cases where emergency assistance has been requested, a repair could have been performed on the spot and towing avoided.Unfortunately there are companies which believe towing should come first. Cars are often damaged in the process too. The whole event becomes even more distressing after discovering a simple repair such as a battery replacement or a simple belt replacement was all that was needed to get the vehicle running again.Of course, you can also call for roadside assistance even when you are not travelling on the road! Roadside assistance is not only different from towing services; it is different from strictly emergency services. When your car needs maintenance or repair, you can call a mobile mechanic no matter where your car is located. Your car may be sitting in your driveway or at work where car repairs can be completed by a mobile auto mechanic. It doesn’t have to be sitting on the side of the road.Getting “Real”Roadside assistance is “real” auto repair intended to last. It’s not a quick fix intended to get you from point A to point B. It’s truck or car repair that fixes the real problem so you don’t break down again in the near future.You might need a simple battery replacement, lock out services, fuel, or a flat tire fixed. But you also might need a tune-up, air conditioning work, electrical repairs, timing belt replacement, transmission adjustments, or new brakes installed. You can use emergency services for the first set of problems, but will need roadside assistance for all on-site long lasting repairs whether the site is 50 miles from home or in your garage.It’s like the difference between saying you are going out to eat, and eating fast food versus eating a healthy meal made with high quality ingredients at a regular restaurant. The fast food quickly fills you up, but you’ll soon be hungry again. The healthy meal takes a little longer to eat, but you will not be hungry for hours and will get more nutrition.A tow is a quick fix. Roadside assistance solves the real auto or truck problem so you get back on the road knowing the repair will be enduring.